How the genuine care of a teacher can transform a student’s life

Yesterday, I had woken up and decided that it was about time I got myself out of this rut I had been experiencing and got on with some writing.

As per usual with trying to overcome my creative droughts, I tend to write about something familiar and comfortable to ease myself back into it.

However, no matter how many years I have been writing for, it always feels like a draining experience to process my thoughts and ideas into words. They rarely flow from me as easily as I want them to.

In times of difficulty such as this, I…

A new and fun challenge to spice up your reading and writing habit

When you pick up a book at the store, the first thing you probably do is read the first few lines to get a feel of the story. Your mind does not even consider reading the last line because it probably contains spoilers, right?

But what if I told you there is more to it than that, and how reading the last line of a book can actually transform your reading and writing habit?

Usually, books tend to be praised for their introductory lines rather than the last. This is because they hold the most power to ensure readers are…

The “lyrical miracle” whose words touch on the brevity of time and the pitfalls of success

When people think of Logic the rapper, I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is his talent for lyricism. As an artist who constantly pays homage to the legends of hip-hop, his lyrics are evident to show his thorough study of the genre.

Within rap, the way of words is what makes the message behind the art so profound. Rappers, like other writers, are bound to the duty of the particular rearrangement of words in order to make the listeners feel something.

When it comes to Logic himself, he could be repeating the same message, again and again…

The trick is there is no trick at all. The journey is all that matters

I’ve realised that the more I’ve told myself to write to a particular standard to get more views or clicks, it sucks the passion out of me.

Of course, every writer who publishes their work wants these things. However, I’ve realised that when I set this as my main aim behind an article, I lose all passion to get the work done.

I value and respect the articles that share tips to improve your analytics and outline how to earn money, and I read my fair share of them because of the same reason I just mentioned.

However, I think…

What you are missing when you ask “how do you stay motivated?”

Motivation is something that is needed more than ever in our fast-paced society, however, it is commonly understood as something hard to garner.

With the rise of interest in productiveness, we are faced with more tasks amassing within our routines. ‘Productivity’ has become the “it” word at the moment, with people taking it to certain lengths to measure their self-worth.

But productivity is a harder state of mind to acquire than one would want it to be. There are stepping stones that allow us to reach this state, and the first step in doing so is to have motivation.


Reminiscing the first time my poems were featured in a book

I’ve been meaning to make a post about this for the longest time but I never got around to it due to a busy schedule.

This grandiose accomplishment of mine happened in 2019, during a time when I was experiencing a lot of pressure and feelings of overwhelm so I never gave it the love and spotlight that it deserved.

The opportunity to have my poems published for the first time in my life was one of the proudest feelings I have ever experienced. …

Having lived through three lockdowns in the UK, here are some things I’ve learned to support others and myself

It was an understatement when healthcare campaigners were warning against the mental health impact the introduction of a lockdown was going to cause back in March 2020.

As the pandemic persists, the UK has found itself imposing lockdowns one after the other. With the introduction of each one, people are constantly finding themselves experiencing the impact of it again and again.

While lockdowns are an essential and effective way to counter the rise in infections, the continuous impositions are prolonging the detrimental effects of living through them.

According to a nine-month study during the pandemic conducted by the Mental Health…

I gave up on my PlayStation console, but Nintendo always has me going back

When I first bought my Nintendo Switch I was gleaming with happiness. It was especially a day to remember because of how innovative I found the console — finally, I can play hand-held and on the TV — my dream come true!

I have never been an avid fan of games to earn the status as a “gamer,” but I’ve grown up playing all the PlayStation (PS) consoles (except the PS5) and some Nintendo consoles such as the DS and the Wii.

Although I’ve mainly grown up with the PS consoles and games, there was always something special in my…

How the female empowerment tradition from Parks and Recreation redefined the friendships in my life

I first heard of Galentine’s Day while watching one of my favourite TV shows of all time: Parks and Recreation.

It first aired in 2009 and is praised to be one of TV history’s best-written sitcoms, captivating our hearts with a colourful range of personalities who all complement one another.

It centers around the literal parks and recreation department within the local government of Pawnee, Indiana, in the US, and reflects the daily ongoings of the office workers.

It is home to some of TV’s most iconic characters. Just to name a few, you have the director of the department…

As children, we were always bombarded with questions like “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Now that I’m an adult (as bizarre as that sounds) and as someone who is dealing with breaking into my profession, I have learned that this is not a helpful question to ask kids or teens.

The most obvious reason being is the question relates your identity solely to your profession, which can be very problematic. We are not one-dimensional characters. To be human is to be a collective of many things.

The next basic reason is that the older you…

Gulistan Elidemir

Journalist, poet, and photographer. I write about life, mental health, and more! London | UK

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